Hong Kong Buffet Review

Mar 13

Hong Kong Buffet

3015 Glendale Avenue #300
Toledo, OH 43614
(419) 389-1888

Friday night, all that sounded good to me was sushi. I needed some raw fish and seaweed in the worst way.  Alas, while Toledo does have a couple of sushi places (where we will be going on our next date, ahem, Josh), I didn’t think those places would be likely to have a kids menu or even to be very kid friendly. I had asked for suggestions from friends to start off this project, and my friend Lori had suggested the Hong Kong Buffet, on Glendale, so I did a little searching and found out that they did, indeed, have sushi . So, a little skeptically, we headed over that way. I haven’t been to a Chinese buffet in a long, long time, so my expectations were fairly low. I was hoping for clean, decent food and really, really hoping for edible sushi. To say I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement.

Atmosphere/Overall Appearance:

The outside of the Hong Kong Buffet is a pretty non descript store front in a strip mall but from the moment you step inside, you totally forget about the outside. There is a lovely bridge overlooking a koi pond (KOI POND!) that you walk across to get to the seating area. Eden loved that, and would have stayed there all night – who needs food? It is also much bigger inside then you would expect. The buffet is off to one side of the restaurant, and has two sides – one side for all the hot food and one side for the fruit, salad, dessert, etc. There is a bar across the back and a hibachi area in the back corner.The restaurant is very clean, the noise level is good, and it’s overall a really nice atmosphere. The food is all very clearly labeled and easy to identify. There is also a lot more fresh fruit and healthy options then I would have expected which was a very pleasant surprise.

The Food:

I don’t know about you, but I have certain preconceived notions of what the food is like at a Chinese buffet, as in, not all that great, not fresh, maybe a little scary. It could also be that I am a judgey mcjudgerpants, and other people don’t think that. Hong Kong Buffet blew those expectations out the water. The food was hot, fresh and really good. I can’t think of a dish that wasn’t covered that I would have wanted. Garlic chicken, lo mein, beef and peppers , all of it was great. My personal favorites were the lo mein and the eggrolls – I’m a bit of an eggroll snob and these were great.

And also! The sushi! It was beautiful, first of all, laid out nicely, and lots of variety in kinds. I saw California rolls, Philly rolls, Spicy Tuna rolls, what looked like lobster rolls and a lot of other kinds that I don’t know the names of. I am allergic to shellfish (and love sushi – sad combo), so I stuck with the spicy tuna rolls. They were very good, although not very spicy. They made my mouth very happy. One kind of bummer thing about the sushi bar is that they don’t label each kind of sushi so I couldn’t be sure what did or didn’t have shellfish and couldn’t branch out from tuna rolls. I think because they make it fresh and it looked like they were just making whatever sounded good to the sushi chef, maybe they are making it too fast for it to be worth making the signs. I am a pretty adventurous eater, but do not enjoy allergic reactions, so I stayed to the safe stuff.

I didn’t try the hibachi area, something I am kind of kicking myself for now. I was blinded by the sushi.

Kid Friendliness:

Obviously, most buffets are meant to be family friendly, and this was no exception. Eden, however, is not usually a real big fan of Chinese food. I was a little worried, but figured we could find something that would work for her. Much to my delight, the buffet had pizza, chicken nuggets and fries. I also got her some fried rice and a bunch of oranges. I know that sounds like a horrible dinner (I can feel the horror from here), but she loved it. She tried the fried rice and gagged, which leads me to believe that the traditional American fare for dinner idea was the right one. I was thankful to have the option for her.

Also, did I mention the koi pond? That thing is total kid crack.

Wait Staff/Service:

The wait staff were pleasant and very quick to take plates and refill drinks. Being that it’s a buffet, that level of service is exactly what you’re looking for, I think. Nothing fancy, but that’s not a bad thing.

Overall Impressions:

Much to my surprise, I am looking forward to going back. I really liked it. It was great food, and the extras of the sushi bar and hibachi grill make it a step above your traditional buffet, in my opinion. It felt much better to me then some other buffet style restaurants I have been to. Major thanks to Lori for the suggestion, we would go back here in a heartbeat.

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