PerrysBurgers Review

Mar 31


220 Louisiana Ave
Perrysburg, OH 43551
(419) 931-9083

I had a different plan for Friday night, but rather then tell you the whole long story, I’ll simply say that when an almost three year old decides that she wants a hamburger for dinner, there is no changing her mind, no matter how much you want hummus instead.  Hmph.  So off we headed for Perrysburgers, a small restaurant in Perrysburg that serves burgers.  It’s really not just a clever name (and anyone who can tell me the movie I just referenced will win my undying respect).  We’ve been there once before right after it opened, and liked it a lot, so we were looking forward to going back.

Atmosphere/Overall Appearance:

There is something really homey feeling about Perrysburgers that is hard to pinpoint.  Partly because it’s in downtown Perrysburg, which is such a quaint place anyway, and partly because of the set up of the restaurant it feels like you’re visiting friends, not eating in a restaurant.  There are maybe 7 tables total, and it just seems like a place where you can meet new people and where you would run into your friends.  It’s very clean and things seem new and well cared for.  It has the feel of an old diner, but it’s much more modern.

The Food:

Perrysburgers has two things on its menu:  burgers and fries.  Their burger menu is fairly extensive and offers some pretty unique options, like a burger with peanut butter and bacon, which I’m really wishing I had tried, a breakfast burger with an over easy egg, and two different types of fish burgers.  There are also the more traditional burgers like a Texas burger (which is what I got) and a chili cheese burger (which Josh got) and a plain burger for the less adventurous out there.   They have bottomless fries, which is never a bad thing and the fries are like fair fries which is ever better.  Their burgers come in two sizes,  ½ lb and 1/3 lb.  If you can eat a ½ burger plus the fries, you are a better person then I am because I was absurdly full by the end of the meal and I only get the 1/3 lb.

For kids they offer a kids meal deal where you get a slider sized burger, fries and a drink.   Eden totally dissected her burger and peeled off and refused to eat the cheese, but she actually ate most of her dinner, so WHATEVER.  I will say that the toppings are what really make the burgers.  It’s not that the burgers themselves aren’t good, but they aren’t the star of the show, so to speak.

Drinks are the only thing that is a little different from a traditional sit down restaurant.  They have a free standing drink station/pop machine and you go up and get your own drinks.  For some reason, I find that really weird, but that’s just me.  Most people probably won’t care.

Kid Friendliness:

I don’t think most kids will mind a place that only serves burgers and fries.  Actually, I don’t think most adults will mind a place that only serves burgers and fries!  PerrysBurgers in very laid back and casual, so it’s very kid friendly.  The only thing I was a little disappointed about is that they have absolutely zero options for fruits or veggies, so this is a definite splurge place for the little ones.  I didn’t ask for milk so I don’t know if they have it, but in the pop machine, the only non pop option is lemonade.  Overall, it’s a kid friendly, but not exactly kid healthy, place.

Wait Service/Staff:

The waitress really could not have been more pleasant.  She was attentive, answered any questions, was very prompt with our food and just in general was a great waitress.  She also brought us a basket of fries before our dinner got there which did not help my waistline, but was very kind.  We’ve had really great service experiences both times we we’ve gone there.

Overall Impressions:

PerrysBurgers kind of makes you feel like you went to your best friends (rather large) house for dinner.  The burgers are good, the fries are great and there is something about eating there that makes you feel like you’re more connected to the Perrysburg community when you leave.  I highly recommend you try it!  Also, can someone PLEASE try the burger with peanut butter and tell me how it is?  Because of this crazy project, it’ll probably be a while before I get to go back there.



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  1. Rachel /

    I always head to downtown Perrysburg for Zingos and Swig, but will definitely check this out next time!!

  2. I live in Perrysburg and have never been here. Thanks for the review, maybe we will go this weekend!

    • Jen @ Toledo Food Tour /

      Thanks Jodi! You should get the burger with peanut butter and bacon and tell me all about it. :-)

      • Bubba /

        I’ll definitely try the PB & Bacon Burger and report back!

        Party on, Wayne!

        • Bubba, you have no idea how much you just made my night. You officially have my undying respect.

          Also, if the burger is as good as I bet it is, you have to lie to me just a little bit so I don’t spend the next year pining after it. :-)

  3. Josh Baltzell /

    Oh, I have had the peanut butter burger. It is very good, but kind of unbalanced.

    Imagine you are eating cheesecake and when you get to the seventh helping you start to think “Man, I could go for an apple right about now.”

    That is how I felt on the last few bites of my burger.

    I really didn’t like the fries the two times I was there. Maybe they hadn’t gotten the fry vats just right yet. I’ll try again.

  4. Jodi /

    ok so we went to Perrysburgers after reading this.. It was about 2 weeks ago now… and I forgot I needed to come back here and report back.. haha Anyway… my boyfriend got the peanut butter burger… I had to have a bite of it.. and I enjoy peanut butter.. but I am not entirely sure I’d order it as my meal choice.. I completely agree with Josh. It was terribly unbalanced. Andy really enjoyed it and said he would probably order it again but without the tomato and mayo and ask for mustard and pickles.. I was like OH man! haha I was not a big fan of how you had to get your drinks and how you could see directly into the kitchen… and when we went they were getting ready for a birthday party or something and we just felt really rushed to leave. we don’t get out very much so when we do I like to enjoy being out. That being said, we will more than likely go back. The food was priced nicely and the food was good.

    On another note, I’m not sure if you’re into mediterranean food but i recommend Aladdin’s near the mall. I had the kebob salad with the aladdin dresssing and it was awesome. and their deserts are FAB!

    • Jen @ Toledo Food Tour /

      Thanks Jodi, I’m so glad you reported back! I’m glad you liked it over all and will go back. It sounds like the birthday party thing really messed up their usual atmosphere because when we’ve been there it’s been super laid back. Also, thanks for reporting back on the PB burger… your boyfriend sounds very…. adventurous… with the toppings he wants to try with it. HA! :-)

      I LOVE Mediterranean food, so we’ll put Aladdin’s on the list for sure. Have you even been to Zingo’s in Perrysburg? Their Junk Salad is AMAZING.

  5. Lindsay /

    Do you know if they have a veggie burger? I can’t find their menu online.