Original Gino’s Pizza Review

Apr 27

Original Gino’s Pizza

26597 N. Dixie Hwy
Perrysburg, OH 43551
Phone: (419) 874-9170
Web: www.originalginos.com

True confession:  we went out to eat twice in one weekend so we would have two weeks of posts to cover when we couldn’t eat local because we were in Phoenix.  It was really hard to not have to cook for two nights in a row but somehow I managed to survive.  We wanted something really family friendly so Eden would eat it for sure, so we went with Gino’s pizza in Perrysburg.  They also have locations all over Toledo.

Atmosphere/Overall Appearance

Gino’s is a pizza place in a small store front in a shopping mall.  It has to fit 8ish tables and the kitchen in a very small space, so it’s not fancy, but it’s not intended to be.  We went on a Saturday night and they were pretty busy, so it was a little loud, but you could still easily have a conversation.  The store is clean and well maintained.

The Food

Reuben Pizza

Reuben Pizza

Let me preface this by telling you two things:  1. I love, love, love Rueben sandwiches.  LOVE.  If they are on a menu, I usually order them.  2.  My mom makes the best Rueben pizza in the whole world.

That said, I wanted to try Gino’s Reuben pizza.  It comes with corned beef, sauerkraut, 1000 Island Dressing and cheese.  Josh and Eden got a pizza to share with pepperoni on all of it and sausage on half.

The Rueben pizza was good, but I wished it had more corned beef and sauerkraut.  I liked it and ate it happily and took it for lunch the next day, but I don’t know that I would get it again.  Josh and Eden both liked their pizza a lot and Josh has always really liked any pizza sauce based pizza he’s had there.

Pepperoni and Half Sausage

Pepperoni and Half Sausage

Gino’s makes a Toledo’s Famous Chili Dog pizza, and that’s what we usually get.  It is totally, completely amazing.  It’s like eating a Tony Packo’s hot dog on a pizza.  Yum!  They also have a Gyro pizza which I seriously considered getting, Cheeseburger pizza, Seafood pizza, Buffalo Chicken pizza, Chicken Sausage pizza; something for everyone. Gino’s also has a lunch buffet every day but Sunday.  All I’m saying is, if you go hungry, it’s your own fault.

Kid Friendliness

Well, it’s a pizza place, so obviously, there’s that.  It’s a very causal restaurant which of course lends itself to kids.  We came in after a fairly large group, so we waited maybe 15 minutes for our pizza, which I don’t think is bad at all.  They do have a kids meal, which ironically doesn’t have pizza on it, but I think that’s because you can order any pizza in a personal pizza size (does anyone else always want to call it a personal pan pizza and ask for it for free because of Book It?  No?  Just me?  Alright then.)

Wait Staff/Service

As I mentioned above, we came in after a large group, so the staff were a little frazzled but very nice.  At Gino’s, you order at a counter, get your own drinks and they bring you your pizza, so your interaction with the staff is somewhat diminished, but everyone we talked to was great.  We’ve been to this Gino’s before and have always had good experiences.

Overall Impressions

We’ve been to Gino’s several times before and we’ve always really liked it.  I’m a little bummed that I didn’t like the Rueben pizza more because I don’t want to give the impression that their food isn’t awesome, because it is.  They have such a great selection of pizza, pasta, sandwiches, etc  that even if you don’t like pizza, you should still go there.  There are other Gino’s locations that are bigger and feel a little more like a restaurant rather than a store front pizza place. Depending on your preference, you might like the atmosphere at another location better.  Gino’s is one of our favorite go to places, and if you’re sick of the same old chain pizza place (and even if you’re not, and you just think I’m smart and that you should listen to me) you should check out Gino’s.

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  1. Brian Knoblauch /

    I can eat Gino’s pizza all day long! :-)

  2. Kim /

    We LOVE Gino’s! My husband and 2 girls go there frequently on Saturday’s for their lunch buffet… best part is, there are always coupons out there for Gino’s… just go to their website to find them!

  3. Melanie /

    I ordered online for delivery from the Alexis Rd store. When they delivered the 1st time one of my pizzas was made incorrectly. I sent it back with the drive who said he would have it fixed & be back quickly. When he came back it was incorrect again. I called the manager who said he would make me another pizza and get it sent right out. The same manager called me back right before sending the 3rd pizza out because apparently the online menu & the in store menu differ in their description of toppings that come on pizzas. He asked specifically what I wanted on my pizza and gave me attitude because the online description I was going off of was wrong as if that was my fault. Finally after 2hours and 50 minutes I got the pizza as I had ordered it. When I inquired about a discount for it taking so long and all of the hassle the manager informed me that the 1st pizza was their mistake and the 2nd was mine because I ordered off the wrong menu. He told me that if I wanted them to come pick up the final pizza delivered he would credit my card for the pizza, if not I had to pay full price no matter how long it took to get right. I will NOT be going back to this Gino’s EVER!

    • Jen @ Toledo Food Tour /

      I’m really sorry to hear that was your experience, Melanie! We’ve never ordered from Gino’s for delivery, so I don’t have any experience with that part of their service. I hope that once you got the pizza you wanted, it tasted really good. :-)