Poco Piatti Review

Apr 19

Melissa, me, Carla. Aren't my friends pretty? :-)

We are leaving on Wednesday to go to Phoenix to visit Josh’s family, so I’ve been a wee bit stressed lately trying to get everything together. I mentioned that to some friends and got a text from my friend Melissa that said “impromptu girl’s night out this Friday?” to which I replied “yes, yes, a million times yes.” My friends take good care of me. We decided on Poco Piatti, which is located in Perrysburg in Levis Commons.

Atmosphere/Overall Appearance:

Poco PiattiAddress:
3155 Chappel Drive
Perrysburg, OH 43551
Phone: (419) 931-0281
Web: www.pocopiatti.com

Poco Piatti feels very cozy even though it’s a big place with a good amount of seating. When you first walk in, you can either go into the bar or into the restaurant. We also learned that there is a small private room in the front, so if you have a small party, you have the inside track now. You’re welcome. The colors they choose for the walls make the whole place seem very warm and inviting. It seems very Tuscan villa, even though it’s more of a Greek centered menu. So, a Greek villa? Sure.

Formerly flaming cheese. I wasn't fast enough to get the fire.

The Food:

One of the things about Poco Piatti is that makes it a really great place for groups is that they have a lot of appetizers and small plates that they intend to be shared among friends. The appetizer they’re most famous for is their Saganaki Kasseri, which is flaming cheese that they bring table side and light on fire. Every time I’ve been there, we’ve had that, and it never gets old. I mean, really, flames shooting out of a plate of cheese is always good for some entertainment. I ordered two appetizers as my dinner, the Funghi Ripieni, which are mushrooms stuffed with salami, onion, garlic and cheese. There is nothing about that that doesn’t sound amazing. I also had the Markouk Chicken Wraps which were delicious. I could eat those for the rest of my life. In fact, I just made myself really hungry. Carla had the chicken shish kabobs with broccoli and French fries. I noticed that the kabobs were almost all chicken but practically no peppers or onions. The chicken was really good though. Melissa had the Portobello mushroom “pizza” which was cheese, procusitto and tomato on top of a Portobello mushroom. I didn’t try it, but it looked very pretty and Melissa liked it. In addition to their appetizers and smaller meals, they also have a Le Grande menu which has larger plates so if you don’t want to share, that’s the menu for you. The food is very nicely presented and it feels kind of fancy. Most appetizers run between $6 and $8 and most Le Grande meals are between $15 and $25, so it is pricier than most places we’ve gone.

Kid Friendliness:

Portobella Mushroom "Pizza"

I would call Poco Piatti a more adult oriented restaurant, and wouldn’t necessarily recommend that you bring your young kids there. We were seated close to a family with a 10ish year old boy and that seemed to be fine, but I didn’t see any other kids. I think that Poco Piatti would gladly accommodate your children, but the atmosphere doesn’t lend itself to being a family environment.

Wait Staff/Service:

From the hostess to the server who lit our cheese on fire (that sounds really funny, I just made myself laugh), the staff were very nice. Our waitress was attentive and didn’t make fun of me when I just pointed to things in the menu rather than try to pronounce and then butcher the words.

Overall Impressions:

I’ve been to Poco Piatti a few times and I’ve loved it each time. It feels grown up, but not overly fancy. The food is amazing and for the quality you get, the prices are pretty reasonable. I think it’s a perfect place for a girls night out, date night, gatherings with friends or small celebrations. You’ll leave feeling happy and full and like you had a really nice night out. I would highly recommend it the next time you get to pawn you kids off on someone else and go out!

Chicken wraps. Drool.









You might notice that the photos this week are far better then usual, which is because Melissa took them all for me!  Melissa is a local photographer and she is truly amazing.  If you’re looking for family pictures, engagement pictures or newborn shots, she’s the best.  All photos are used by permission.  Thanks, Melissa!

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  1. Jennifer /

    We were just mentioning that we didn’t know of any Greek restaurants in the area, so we’ll definitely have to check it out!

    • Jen @ Toledo Food Tour /

      Jennifer, if you want a more family friendly place, I highly (highly, highly) recommend Zingo’s in downtown Perrysburg too. I’m actually saving it for later when I need a really good Greek fix. :-)

  2. Cheryl /

    If you’re looking for a fantastic Greek restaurant, don’t miss out on Manos! The most wonderful authentic Greek food I’ve ever eaten!

    • Jen @ Toledo Food Tour /

      Thanks for the recommendation, Cheryl, it’s on my list!