Fricker’s Review

May 18


27390 Helen Drive
Perrysburg, OH 43606
Phone: (419) 531-0600

Josh has been friends with his friend Matt since they were in Jr. High and they still like each other.  I can barely remember the names of most of people I went to Junior High with!  We were happy to have Matt, his wife Michele and their adorable daughter Lindsey join us for dinner on Friday at Fricker’s.  They refused to have their pictures taken, and I have to imagine at some point people are going to start to think that we just make up imaginary friends and order extra food.  Thus, I am officially serving notice that if you accept a dinner invitation from us to a local restaurant, you best put on your fancy clothes and curl your hair because I’m taking your picture and putting it on the Internet.  I pretty much just killed any chances of people going out to eat with us, huh?

Atmosphere/Overall Appearance

Fricken' Chicken Wrap

Fricker’s is a sports bar and restaurant, so they have all the things that come along with that; neon signage, lots of TV’s and a bar (say it with me:  Really Jen??  A bar?  Who would have guessed?).  It’s a fairly big place and the tables are far enough away from each other that you don’t feel like you’re sitting on the lap of the stranger at the next table.  This becomes especially important when your three year old daughter and her 2 year old BFF decide a game of ring around the table is in order.

The Food

Fricker’s is most known for their wings and Fricken Chicken Chunks.  I got a Fricken Chicken Sandwich with mild sauce, Josh had Boneless Chicken Wings with Chipotle Sauce,  Michele had a Fricken Chicken Wrap with Medium Sauce, and Matt got a Frick Burger.  Both the girls got hot dogs and fries and Eden got applesauce as well.  It had cinnamon on it again so Josh totally took one for the team and ate a mouthful of cinnamon.

My sandwich was really good, but seriously, how do you go wrong with breaded chicken dipped in sauce?  I will say that the mild sauce is really, really mild.  If you want any heat at all, I’d get the medium.  Josh referred to his boneless wings as amazing.  Matt and Michele seemed to enjoy their meals.  Honestly, I totally forgot to ask them how they liked everything.  I am still learning this whole restaurant review business.

Frick Burger

Kid Friendliness

Kids eat free at Fricker’s with the purchase of a kids drink and adult meal, so obviously, they want kids to feel welcome.  They have a pretty decent selection on their kids menu, although all their meals come with fries, but I would assume you could sub applesauce.  Fricker’s is another one of those places that is totally kid friendly during normal kid hours but would be less so as the evening wears on.

Wait Staff/Service

Our waitress was very nice, and was very quick with drink refills, taking our plates and just in general getting us what we needed.

Overall Impressions

Boneless Wings in Chipotle sauce. They look weird, but taste good.

Fricker’s is a Toledo institution (in my humble opinion), and we really like their food a lot.  I used to go to Fricker’s in Bowling Green every Thursday night when I was in college, and we’ve been there and to the one in Perrysburg quite a few times with friends. We’ve even had a few birthday get-togethers there when we’ve invited around 20 people and every experience has been good.  If you’re a Toledoian and you haven’t ever been to Fricker’s, you need to go!  I’d really love to hear about some of your experiences at Fricker’s too, since I think it’s a popular Toledo restaurant.

PS:  Forgive the worse then usual photo quality.  I blame it on bad lighting, and trying to be all nonchalant while taking pictures of our food, and being used as a human jungle gym by two toddlers.


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One comment

  1. Melissa S /

    No worries mate, we’ll still go out to dinner with you :) Not sure you want to plaster my mug on the internet though… might bring your ratings down a bit! HA!
    And YEY for Frickers! LOVE that place and that kids eat free!!