Nagoya Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Review

May 24

Nagoya Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi

6190 Levis Commons Blvd
Perrysburg, OH 43606
Phone: (419) 931-8400

Several weeks ago, Groupon had a deal for $50 to Nagoya Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi  for $25.  I conned a few of our friends into getting it with us and we got a babysitter (hi Susie!) and met up with Brendon, Angie, Carla, and Trevor at Naygoya last Friday night.

Atmosphere/Overall Appearance

All the veggie's and meat on the grill

Nagoya is a hibachi style restaurant, so it is set up with several hibachi stations with 8 places to sit at each table.  If you don’t have 8 in your party, then you’ll end up sitting with people you don’t know.  That happened to us once and it was like the Beverly Hillbilly’s got dropped at a Japanese Steakhouse.  It was awesome.  The tables and grills are clean and the seats are comfortable.  I noticed for the first time that they have an actual sushi bar, which I did not get a chance to walk over to, but if you’re looking for a sushi bar, there you go.  One thing I noticed was that the carpet felt kind of sticky on my shoes.  It kind of grossed me out.  Nagoya is a pretty restaurant though, overall.

The Food

I am friends with some really weird people, can I just tell you?  Angie and Carla are both extremely picky eaters and would never even think about eating hibachi.  The last time we were there, we saw someone order chicken fingers off the kid’s menu, so that was what Angie and Carla were planning to do.  After we ordered, our waiter came back and told them they couldn’t order from the kids menu.  When Carla asked to speak to a manager, they were told that they could only have chicken fingers if they would pay $17 for an adult portion and if they wanted to split them, it would be a $7 shared plate fee.  Angie opted to pay the $17 and said the chicken fingers were good.  Carla got cheesecake and ate pizza later at the bowling alley.  I think we can all agree that it is pretty ridiculous to have to pay $17 for a plate of chicken fingers.  They weren’t $17 worth of good.

This is $17 worth of chicken fingers

Bren, Trevor, Josh and I all got various forms of hibachi.  The meal comes with soup, salad, rice, veggies and the meat of your choice.  The rice was amazing but the veggies were not all that great.  Bren got tuna, medium rare and it was perfect and delicious.  Trevor went for the Nagoya special, which had all sorts of seafood.  He also got swordfish.  He said all it was really well cooked and tasted great.  Josh and I are boring and got chicken and steak.  It was cooked well and tasted great.

Bren, Josh and I also ordered sushi.  Bren’s was a Yummi Yummi roll which was totally awesome.  It had tuna, salmon, and yellowtail with cream cheese and aioli and then it’s flash fried.  Freaking yum!  Josh and I ordered spicy tuna rolls.  They were okay, but I’ve had better.  It’s also worth noting that our sushi didn’t come out until half way through our meals, although the waiter told us in advance that it would be a while in coming.

For dessert, Carla and Bren got cheesecake.  Carla’s came out fine.  Bren’s came out frozen solid.  When he sent it back, they brought him a new piece that, instead of being frozen, was warm.  It had obviously been microwaved.  Microwaved cheesecake is kind of gross.

Kid Friendliness

Steak and chicken hibachi

We’ve taken Eden to hibachi before and she liked it a lot. They did light things on fire, but they also put on a great show while cooking the food, so it’s a lot of fun to watch. Unless you think it would scare your kids, I think that hibachi is a fun experience.

Wait Staff/Service

Our waiter was great.  He was friendly and efficient. Our hibachi chef was awesome. Funny, animated, and he made the whole experience fun. He was also a really good cook.

Now, I mentioned above that Carla asked to speak to a manager after being told they couldn’t order chicken fingers. You guys, I have to tell you that the manager was incredibly rude, and condescending. I have never had an experience like that with a restaurant manager before.  From the minute she walked over to our table she was defensive and completely unwilling to listen. Angie and Carla asked for her name as they were walking out and she approached them and was rude to them again. It’s just not behavior you would ever expect from a manager.  After that incident, had we not had Groupon’s, I think we would have left and eaten elsewhere.

Overall Impressions

Josh, me, Angie, Bren, Carla, Trevor

We have been to Nagoya before and have had a better experience then the one we had on Friday.  But if my only experience had been on Friday, I would not go back.  Even though the food was mostly good, I just can’t over look the poor manager service.  Honestly, since I had suggested this as a great place to eat, I was really embarrassed to have taken my friends there, and I don’t think that’s ever how you should feel after leaving a restaurant.  The verdict is out on whether we’ll go back, but I don’t think we will.

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  1. We have a groupon for there too. Will let you know if anything like that happens to us too.

  2. Carla /

    Although the management SUCKS I could see TW going back. He REALLY loved the food and to me that means the most our server was OK but the hibachi chef was amazing. Very friendly and comical. I think over all if you dont have weird friends it could make for a decent place to go out to eat but, beware if you have an issue do not expect the manager to be in anyway helpful.

  3. Betsy /

    loving the blog jen! i was going to say TW’s food is GONE! hehe

  4. Great review!

    I LOVE Nagoya. I’m sorry to hear that about the manager. He really failed at his job. His job is to make people insanely happy so that they tell their friends how awesome Nagoya is. What would it have actually cost the restaurant to let them get a kid’s meal? Jerk.

    You have to try the Nagoya roll. It is the only sushi Angie eats. It is totally overpriced, but it is awesome.