El Camino Real Sky Review

Jun 23

My dad comes over every Thursday and hangs out with Eden while I’m at work.  They do a lot of super fun things together and he’s pretty much the best grandpa ever.  This past year for Cinco De Mayo they went bike riding and then went to El Camino Real Sky for lunch.  Eden and I drive down Woodville Road every morning on our way to school and occasionally, she’ll randomly yell “CINCO DE MAYO!” as we drive past the restaurant.  I figured that was endorsement enough for me, so we went there last Friday.


Atmosphere/Overall Appearance

Carnitas. I really want Chipotle now to make up for these.

El Camino is a beautiful restaurant.  There is a curved staircase leading up to the door, beautiful murals on the walls, these fantastic iron chandeliers, and, Eden’s favorite part, a light effect that changes the ceiling different colors.  Throughout dinner, we heard “it’s GREEN!….  it’s PURPLE!… it’s not green again yet…..  it’s GREEN!”  There is a lot of seating, a balcony level, fountains and statues; seriously, it’s fantastic.  One of the prettiest restaurants I’ve seen in a long time.  For once, this is totally some place I would have gone to eat before the project – ha!

The Food

So, now, after that rousing endorsement of the décor, how was the food?  Well, let me tell you.  I ordered carnitas,  Josh got a platter that had a taco and a burrito.  Both of our meals came with rice and beans.  Eden got a cheese quesadilla which also had rice and beans.  Of course there was also the requisite chips and salsa.

Taco burrito platter



So, let’s go backwards, shall we, and start with chips and salsa.  The chips were fried on location, I think, or at least seemed crazy fresh.  The salsa was great and had big pieces of cilantro, which made me so, so happy.

Eden ate the quesadilla, but left the rice and beans.  She also ate a ton of chips and salsa.  Salsa totally counts as a veggie, shut up.

Josh thought his taco and burrito were mediocre.  I tasted them and thought the meat was kind of weird.  I think they might add cinnamon to it or something, so it tastes kind of sweet.  They weren’t bad, just not great.

The only place I’ve ever had carnitas before was Chipotle, and I love them so I decided to try them at El Camino.  I should have known it wasn’t a good idea when I asked the waiter about them and he said “well, I don’t like them, but some people do…. I guess…”  They were okay, but kind of dry, and they were pretty much just pork and tortillas with not much else to put on them.  I actually didn’t even finish them.

Josh and I both liked the rice and beans, so there’s that.

Kid Friendliness

Super child friendly.  Eden wore her Tinkerbelle costume to dinner, much to everyone’s amusement.

Cheese quesadilla. I had to Google how to spell quesadilla. Don't make fun.



Wait Staff/Service

Well, as you can see above, our waiter was nothing if not honest.  He was attentive and brought us our stuff promptly.  As is pretty typical of Mexican restaurants, our food came super fast.

Overall Impressions

I really wanted to like this place and love the food.  As it stands, I love the way it looks and I think it’s beautiful, but the food was mediocre.  I would like to go back and try something else because it just seems like it should have good food.  Have any of you guys been there and had something you like?  It makes me sad that such a pretty place didn’t have good food.  I wanted the complete package, darn it.


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