JB’s Sarnie Shoppe Review

Jun 30

My friends have been so supportive and excited about this project we’re doing, and often tell me about places they like and think I should review.  A few months ago, I got a text from my friend Jill that said “I don’t know if JB’s Sarnie Shop is local or not, but I am eating the best freaking sandwich of my life right now from there!  You should go.”  With an endorsement like that, how could I say no?  I’ve tucked that suggestion away for a day when we were all really missing Panera (which used to be the place we would go the most often for Friday night dinner) and that day hit last Friday.


Atmosphere/Overall Appearance

JB’s Sarnie Shop is located in Levis Commons, so it’s a store front deli shop.  There are maybe 8 or 10 tables.  When you walk in, it really does feel like you’re in a deli, with the deli case with all the wrapped meats and cheeses.  There are also baskets of chips scattered around in front of the cases.  They have all of their menu options written on chalk boards around the room.  Josh didn’t believe me that it wasn’t a chain because it looks very chain-ish.  That’s a compliment.  They’ve obviously taken note of what other places are doing well and it works for them.

The Food

Not kraut-y (but still delish!) Rueben.

When Jill went, she got the turkey avocado with pesto mayo, sprouts, and muenster cheese.  Since she called it the best freaking sandwich of her life, I thought I would try that.  I mean, it seems like a good bet, right?  Josh got the traditional Rueben and Eden had the kids grilled cheese.  Josh and I both got ours with chips and a pickle, which tacked on an additional $1.75 to the meals.

One thing I learned was that JB’s has 4 sizes of sandwich, but they are built up rather then out.  As in, you get the same amount of bread, but more meat based on the size you order.  I think that the regular sarnie has 1/5 of a lb of meat and the large has a 1/3 lb.

My sandwich was totally amazing.  They cook it on the panini press and it gets all melty and amazing.  The pesto is the star, but add in the creamy avocado and the cheese and it’s one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had.  I could eat 10 more.

Josh’s Rueben was good, but we both decided that we like really kraut-y (totally a word!) sauerkraut and this was more on the sweet side, so it wasn’t our personal favorite ever.  For people who like less potent kraut and more of the dressing flavor, you’ll really like this.

Eden had a grilled cheese and a banana.  It was also done of the panini press with sourdough and American cheese and she ate it all.

Like I said, we also got chips and a pickle.  The pickles are a meal in themselves.  They are the really big ones sliced in half.  Try feeding one of those to a three year old (we did – hilarious!).  If you get pop, it’s a 20 oz bottle.

They also serve soup, smoothies and salads or you can “build your own sarnie” out of anything they have in the store.  Within reason, of course.  You’re probably not allowed to use cleaning supplies and the like.

Wait Staff/Service

The set up of how to order, where to pay and how you get your food is a little confusing.  Basically, by the deli counter is a small cut out in the counter and you order there.  Then they hand you a sheet and you take it to the register at the other side of the place to pay.  And then you go and sit down and they call your name when your foods ready.  At least, I think that’s how it works.  My point is, no one really goes out of their way to explain what to do.  Maybe I’m just slow?  A little more signage might help.  It’s not that the staff weren’t friendly, it’s just hard to figure out what’s where and a little more help from them would be nice.  Overall, I have no complaints.

This is the best picture I got of Eden's grilled cheese. She found a hole in the bread and decided to use it like a Ring Pop. She's pretty funny.



Overall Impressions

I want to go back to JB’s Sarnie Shop.  The food was really good and the restaurant itself was nice.  I do think it’s a little overpriced for what you get (we spent $28 for 3 san dwiches, 2 bags of chips, 2 pickles, a banana and 2 pops) but that turkey avocado sandwich keeps calling to me like a siren song.  It would be a great place to go for lunch if you were out shopping at Levis or just looking for a lighter lunch while you were in Perrysburg.

JB’s Sarnie Shop is also a real deli so you can get meat and cheese by the pound there.  I would like do that the next time I’m there.  I think most of their meat is Boar’s Head, in case you care.

Another cool thing is that they do a “Man vs Food” style challenge where you have to eat a pound of meat, two types of cheese and some amount of veggies and condiments in an hour.  If you can do it, you get the sign the wall with the time it took you.  Some guy did it in 5 minutes.  That. is. insane.  I think I could totally rock that challenge!  I also think one of you should do it and report.  Who’s in?!


*  I know I usually have more pictures, but I forgot my good camera and I was taking pictures with my cell phone camera, trying to be sly, and apparently sly also means “moves too much to get a clear picture.”  Sorry.


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One comment

  1. Kim /

    Another nice thing to note about the Sarnie Shoppe – they offer all Boars Head meats & cheeses which are certified gluten free! Their chips are also gluten free – another bonus! My husband (who cannot eat wheat/gluten) got a sandwich there last time and instead of bread, got it as lettuce wraps… and it was great!! We love going here simply because it always tastes good and he can eat just about anything here, even while being on a gluten free diet!