Manos Greek Restaurant Review

Jun 01

Manos Greek Restaurant

1701 Adams Street
Toledo, OH 43604
Phone: (419) 244-4479

The last few weeks have been a wee bit stressful for a variety of reasons.  Combine that with the rather dismal restaurant review from last week and I was seriously in need of a good food experience and a nap.  I got the first one at Manos Green Restaurant.  I’m still waiting on the second.

Atmosphere/Overall Appearance

Don't let the outside fool you!

Manos is located in downtown Toledo and is another one of those places that is totally not what you expect on the inside when you look at the outside.  It is beautiful inside!  There are two rooms separated by a brick wall with arched cutouts.  One of the rooms has a mural painted on the wall and the other room is all brick and wood.  There are gorgeous hard wood floors in both rooms.  It’s such a warm, inviting, cozy space.  I loved it.

The Food

Manos serves Greek food, which my entire family loves.  They also claim to have the best gyros in Toledo, a claim I intended to put to the test.  Another bonus is that they have a link on their website for coupons for things like Buy One Dinner, Get A Second 50% Off and Free Appetizers.  Gotta love a coupon.

Seriously, if you like hummus, try this. If you think you don't like hummus, this will prove you wrong.

They start off your meal with bread, which is wrapped two pieces at a time in sandwich baggies.  I thought that was kind of funny.  They include butter in the basket, but I noticed later that most of the tables have an herb and oil dipping sauce, which we did not have.  I was a little bummed because I love herb and oil dips.  Next time!

We ordered hummus as an appetizer.  It is served with pitas, cucumbers and raw onion chunks.  I cannot overstate the fact that it. was. amazing.  I told Josh that you hear people on food shows say that a food tasted bright, and oh my word, this totally did.  You could taste the tahini and the lemon and perhaps a drop of unicorn tears, it was that good.  I’m pretty sure any of the three of us would have licked the bowl clean had we not been in public.

A solid tie for "the best in Toledo"

For dinner, Josh got the Patio Platter which is Greek Sausage with rice and beans and a garnish of onions and Feta cheese.  Seriously people, Greek sausage is fantastic.  The platter also had sautéed veggies and gigantic chunks of feta.  Let me say that again:  gigantic. chunks. of. feta.  That alone should make you want to go there, right?

My gyro was packed full of gyro meat, onion, cucumber, and tomato.  It also had Tzatziki sauce, which was quite possibly the best I’ve ever had.  I feel like a traitor to my favorite Mediterranean place to call it the BEST in Toledo, but I can at least go with a solid tie.  It was really, really good.

Kid Friendliness

Manos was very kid friendly.  There were a few other families there as well and they have kid friendly food in addition to the traditional stuff.  There is a bar upstairs, so I don’t know about how loud it gets at night, but during normal dinner hours, it’s great.

Wait Staff/Service

I think that our server was also one of the owners and she could not have been nicer.  She answered all of our questions, was super sweet to Eden, brought our food and drinks right away.  I think that of all the places we’ve been so far this is the place where the general friendliness and attentiveness of the wait staff really shone through.  They make you feel like family.

I never knew Greek sausage was so good, but it is. Also, chunks of feta.

Overall Impressions

One of the things that I am most thankful for about this project is that it is making me go places that I probably wouldn’t have tried before because of their location, outside look, or unfamiliar cuisine.  Like Indian Jewel of Toledo, you might not look at Manos, or the surrounding area, and go “yes, they have great food” but you would be oh so wrong and missing out on a whole food experience.

I want to go back to Manos as soon as we can, and I can see it being a regular fixture in our restaurant repertoire after this is all said and done.  I think that even as much as the food makes the memory, it’s also the feeling of the building, the staff, and the feeling you get like you’re part of the family when you’re there.   After a hard few weeks, it was exactly what I needed, and as cheesy as it may sound, they truly did feed my soul a little in addition to serving me some great food.


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One comment

  1. Rachel Lanciaux /

    My husband and I don’t normally head into downtown Toledo for dinner (living in Findlay of course), but I’m practically drooling over here. Next time we crave greek, we’ll probably give this a try!