Smedlap’s Smithy Review

Jul 07

Smedlap’s Smithy

205 Farnsworth Rd.
Waterville, OH 43566
Phone: (419) 878-0261

A while back, Groupon had a coupon for Smedlap’s Smithy and my friend Lori messaged me, all excited and said I needed to get one.  And then she said “there is a SLIDE in the restaurant!” and I said “no way!” and she said “YES way” and I said “SOLD”.  I mean, seriously, a slide in a restaurant?  Even if the food was awful, that alone made it worth trying out.  We went to check it out on a Thursday with our friend’s Wayne and Lori and Justin and Amanda.  Between all of us there were 6 adults and 4 kids so I’m was pretty sure we were going to get the full Smedlap’s experience with that many opinions.

Atmosphere/Overall Appearance

Prime Rib.

Smedlap’s is in Waterville, which always surprises me with the things they have tucked away.  It is located in an old blacksmith building, and the building also has some shops in it.  There is a entry way with a fountain.  Of all the places I’ve tried to describe, I feel like this is the one I am having the hardest time with.  It’s a really neat building.  If someone has been there before and can describe it better, please do in the comments (Lori?!?!)  The restaurant itself has two floors.   It’s a very cozy, older feeling place that makes me think of old barns and houses.  We mostly saw the upstairs because the manager was smart enough to stick the people with the kids upstairs, close to the slide and away from people trying to have a quiet meal!  We were the only ones up there.  The upstairs has an open loft feel.  You can actually look down at the first floor, which the kids did, a lot.  They have plexiglass up so no one plummets into someone’s soup bowl.  Smart people.

(I'm pretty sure it's called) Fiesta Chicken.

The Food

We went on a Thursday because they had $10 Prime Rib.  Amanda and Wayne got that.  Lori and I got a 6 oz filet, as well as Wayne ordering it as his second meal, and Josh and Justin got a chicken special with tomatoes and cheese.  The kids got various kid meals, hot dogs, grilled cheese, etc.  All their meals came with fries or applesauce.  They also serve you bread and salads before your meal.

Everyone liked their food.  I thought the filet was well seasoned and tasted really good.  It was also wrapped in bacon, so yeah.  I got the mashed potatoes, which I find to be hot or miss at most places, but these were a hit.

Possibly the best chicken fingers, ever.

Josh liked his chicken dish.  He did comment that he thought the portions were a little smaller than most people are used to, but that’s probably a good thing, especially considering the pre-dinner bread and salad.

We ordered Eden chicken fingers at her request which I knew she wouldn’t eat because she doesn’t like chicken (I don’t know what planet she’s from either), but she insisted that was what she wanted.  Since she didn’t eat them, Josh and I did and they were so, so, so good.  I would eat them for an entire meal.

Wayne said he wanted the Prime Rib to be thicker, but it tasted good.  Everyone else, when asked if they had anything else to say about the food, said “tell them it’s good”.  Punks.

Kid Friendliness

Okay, seriously, the place has a slide and was smart enough to put us in a place where the kids can run around and not be in the way.  Kid friendly to the max.  They were lovely to all of our munchkins.

Filet with mashed potatoes. The plate looks kind of lonely, but the food was good!

Wait Staff/Service

One of the problems with being seated in an off the beaten path area is that sometimes you get forgotten a little bit, but I didn’t feel that way at all.  Our server could not have been nicer or more attentive.  Two thumbs way up.

Overall Impressions

I think you should all go to Smedlap’s, even if it’s just to verify that there is, in fact, a slide in a restaurant.  The food is very good, they have a great selection and the staff and owners are kind and accommodating.

Thanks to Lori for another great suggestion!


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  1. Lori /

    Welcome! It was a fun evening with yummy food. As for a description of the building…um…it’s kind of like little village shops all under one roof. There’s a foutain in the ‘courtyard’…and then Smedlap’s is the ‘barn’ at the end of the strip…a nice barn though…there’s no hay. :o )

    • Jen @ Toledo Food Tour /

      Yes, Lori, a MUCH better description! Thanks! :-)

  2. Cheryl Hoot /

    Jen…Smedlap’s Smithy is one of my favorite restaurants! I have always had wonderful food, just as you described!! A+++ I think I need to visit again! Thanks for the review, as always wonderful reading :)

  3. I want to see a pic of the slide! :)