Swig Review

Jul 15

Every Thursday, Perrysburg has a Farmer’s Market, which is so completely fantastic.  There are meat vendors and fresh local veggies, and the best BBQ sauce I have ever, ever had.  Oh, and pizza cream cheese bread, which is to freaking die for.  But that’s not where we ate this week!  Since we were already in Perrysburg, we went to Swig, which is best known for their hot dogs, and is quickly becoming a very popular night spot and bar.

Atmosphere/Overall Appearance

Josh says "it looks like a pilsner, but tastes like an ale". We're pretty sure it's called a Farmer's Tan.

Swig is a mix of diner and bar, with the diner part in the front half of the room and bar in the back.  They also have an outdoor patio which seems very popular.  There are maybe 15 tables inside and it’s self seating, so you can move them around to manage the size of your party.  Swig feels like a cool, relaxed place where you would go with your friends to hang out.  They seem to really find the balance between restaurant and bar and come up with a very easy going place where you feel welcomed and like part of the crowd.  In fact, I actually struck up some random little conversations with other people there because it’s just that kind of place, where everyone is friendly and fun.

The Food

Swig’s website says “all of our sausages and hot dogs are hand crafted -that is, ground, seasoned, stuffed and smoked – daily” and it totally shows in the quality of the hot dog. I am a big hot dog fan, and these were excellent.  Josh had the chili dog, I had a “make your own” dog with sauerkraut and grilled onions, and we got Eden a plain dog.  We also got a basket of sweet potato fries to share.

The dog were all totally delish and even with the toppings, were the standout flavor by far.  Whatever they’re doing they should keep doing because their dogs are great!  The sweet potato fries were really good, and came with this dipping sauce that was like a maybe hollandaise sauce?  It was really good.  We asked the waitress and she didn’t know what was in it, but if anyone wants to tell me, I’m curious.

Chili dog.... a delightful classic.

They also have a great menu other then hot dogs of sandwiches, wings, soup, etc.  One of the most interesting things is the Chocolate Covered Bacon Sundae.  Has anyone ever tried it?  I wish I would have seen it, I would have been all over that!

Kid Friendliness

Did I mention they have hot dogs?  They are very kid friendly and accommodating and there were a lot of families there when we were there.  Since it’s also a bar, I would imagine that during normal bar-ish hours, it would be less kid friendly.  One thing is that initially we were going to sit on the patio where they had a live band, but it was pretty loud and Eden was having none of it.  You might want to stick to inside if they have a band and your kiddos have noise sensitive little ears.

Wait Staff/Service

Every single person we came in contact with at Swig was helpful, upbeat and funny.  We asked if they use peanut oil on their fries and the manager came back over and said “no peanuts… the only nuts here are the staff.”  It was really funny.  I can’t say enough nice things about them.

A plain dog for Eden. Kindly ignore my mutant hand.

Overall Impressions

I really like Swig.  The people, the food, the atmosphere, just the overall vibe.  I left feeling happy and like I had just had a great community experience.  I would like to go back for a band or just out with friends, but I want to go back during the day too.  Swig would be a great place to take out of town friends or family to give them a little piece of the Toledo area.   You can, and should, follow them on Facebook for all the latest news.  They do a great job of keeping things updated so you know about any specials, cool bands, and other Swig happenings.  Next time you’re in Perrysburg for the Farmer’s Market or First Friday, I hope you go check them out.


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  1. Don’t forget the insane number of beer options. I am always there for lunch so I miss out.

  2. Emily /

    Where everybody knows your name . . . and they’re always glad you came.

    That’s what this place sounds like! Sounds good! I’d like to go there next time I’m in town.

  3. Jodi /

    Ok this place is seriously a few blocks from my house and I haven’t been there yet. I’m so glad I remembered to check your blog today. We are planning to go either this weekend or sometime during next week. I have heard good things but your review really makes me want to go!

  4. Mason /

    The chocolate-covered bacon sundae is just awesome. It’s worth the trip just for that.

  5. We ended up finally making it to Swig. What a great place. I love the atmosphere there. It has a very friendly feel. I got the raspberry chipotle wings and Andy got a cleveland dog and a chicago dog. Oh and we got fries too.. the food was fantastic and the wait staff was very friendly. Andy ended up going back last Friday because they had a beer on tap that he has been wanting to try. He had another cleveland dog and brought home more chicken wings. I can easily see this being one of our go to restaurants. Next on my list of things to try is the chocolate covered bacon sundae. I have a friend coming to visit from back home in a few weekends and I think this will be on our list if we can make it a girls night.

    • Jen @ Toledo Food Tour /

      Thanks for your follow up post, Jodi! I’m glad you tried something other then the hot dogs and still liked it. If you don’t make it for bacon sundae’s with your friend, I’m sure you could twist my arm to try one with you. :-)