Tea Tree Asian Bistro Review

Jul 28

Josh’s best friend, Jason, met this girl, Ruth and those two crazy kids are getting married this Saturday.  It’s always interesting when your spouse’s best friend starts seriously dating someone because you really, really hope that you like them so you can all hang out.  I am totally lucky that Jason has excellent taste, and Ruth has become a good friend. She also clued me into the fact that Tea Tree Asain Bistro has half off sushi Tuesdays so I got together with her and her friend Keli last week to talk last minute wedding plans and eat more sushi then I could even believe.

This is one of the two plates full of sushi they brought out.

Atmosphere/Overall Appearance

Tea Tree is very pretty and looks very hip and trendy on the outside.  The inside is much plainer then I expected, which isn’t a bad thing, just different than I expected.  There are a few decorations around, but it is not over done at all.  There is a sushi bar towards the back, but most of the restaurant is taken up by seating.  There are several larger tables and we had actually come in right after a very large party so they are clearly able to accommodate larger groups.  It honestly doesn’t feel like a local, single restaurant kind of place, it feels much more like a chain.  Considering the kind of food they’re serving, their location and their intended clientele, I think that’s what they’re going for.

The Food

We ordered a LOT of sushi.  I’ve mentioned before on here, I think that, I’m allergic to shellfish, so that really limits my sushi options, so I got my old favorite, Spicy Tuna Rolls and tried something new, the Alaskan, which is salmon, avocado and cucumber.  Honestly, I don’t know what Ruth and Keli got, because we ordered super fast and also because I couldn’t eat most of it.  I know there were some California Rolls, and some other kind with eel.

And this is the second plate full of sushi they brought out.

I ordered 3 Spicy Tuna Rolls and the Alaska and I had enough left to take for lunch the next day, and I was stuffed to the gills when I left.  I seriously couldn’t stop eating it, oh my gosh.  It was fantastic, amazing and stellar, all together.  As I’m typing this, I am seriously wondering when I am going to get more.  If you like sushi, go there.  Happy mouth.

Kid Friendliness

I don’t think I saw any kids when we were there.  It is an environment much more geared towards adults.  They do have a kids menu with very kid friendly food, so that makes me think that your kids would be welcome there, but I don’t know if I would take Eden there.  If someone from Tea Tree happens to read this and would like to correct me, please do.  I’m going off my own impressions, but I also went without my kid so maybe I just missed it.

Wait Staff/Service

Our waiter was really nice.  They were just finishing up a big party and were a little behind and frazzled so we had to ask for some things several times.  In my opinion, not a big deal, but I know some people are really picky about that.  Everyone we had contact with was very nice.

This is all that was left. One measly little half full plate. The sign of a good dinner.

Overall Impressions

My overall impression can pretty much be summed up as “yuuuuuuum”.  Seriously, the sushi was awesome.  Highly, highly recommend.  Good atmosphere, good people, good food.  If you want to try sushi, ½ off sushi Tuesday is a great chance.  I ordered 5 rolls, a salad and a drink and got out the door for about $16.  No matter what anyone says, raw fish is delicious and this was a step above.


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