Amerasia Review

Aug 29


311 Superior St.
Rossford, OH 43460
Phone: (419) 662-8566

Let me tell you a funny story.  So, we go to Amerasia and their placemats have the Chinese zodiac on it, and has little pictures of all the animals.  We ask Eden was she would like for dinner, and she decides on chicken fingers.  Then when the waitress comes to take our order, she looks at Eden and says “and what for you, sweetie?” and Eden replies “I think I’ll have… the sheep!” pointing to the placemat.  Josh and I about passed out from laughing.  That kid cracks me up.

Atmosphere/Overall Appearance

Won Ton Soup

Amerasia is brand spankin’ new and it shows in its appearance.  It is very clean and has all new fixtures.  There are probably 10 tables and across the back is a counter that serves as a wait station and also a place for people to pick up their take out orders.  The room itself feels light and modern.  It’s small, but very nicely done.

The Food

So, I’ve mentioned before that we’re kind of Chinese food snobs and it’s been hard to find a really good place in Toledo since we left our favorite place in BG.  Well, folks, I am happy to tell you that we’re searching no more, because this place was awesome.  I had the Hunan Chicken and Josh had Chicken Lo Mein.

The Hunan Chicken has pea pods, carrots, onions, peppers, broccoli, mini corns, and bamboo shoots.  It normally also comes with celery and water chestnuts but I loathe water chestnuts (weirdest most disgusting texture ever, ick, eww, gross) so I asked for it without.  The sauce it rich and full of flavor, but not greasy or oily, which I think sometimes sauces like that can be.  The only thing I would want is a little more spice, because this is a very flavorful, but not at all spicy sauce.

Hunan Chicken minus gross water chestnuts.

Josh’s Chicken Lo Mein was also very good.  I’m writing this post almost two weeks after we went here, so Josh’s ability to give me adjectives has waned, but he said that he ate a ton of it at dinner, and ate all of the leftovers, and remembers it being really good.  I ate a little bit and again, the sauce was light, and really full of flavor.  I had Lo Mein for the first time ever at Panda Express and I loved it, and this ranks right up there.  (This reminds me of the story my parents tell about how, the first time we went to an authentic Italian restaurant that had their own home made sauce, I “complimented” the staff by telling them it tasted just like Prego.  Comparing it to Panda Express is a compliment, is my point).

We both got eggrolls and the heavens parted and lo, there were delicious eggrolls and I was very, very happy.  We’ve been searching for good eggrolls for years, and we found them… yum!  I also got soup which was really good.

Unfortunately for Eden, they didn’t have sheep in the menu, so she got chicken fingers and fries.  She did really enjoy the fried noodles that they have in little bowls in the tables.

In case you’d rather not eat in, they do have a take out option, which I can see us using a lot.  They actually did quite a bit of take out business while we were there so it appears like the people of Rossford agree with our assessment of the food.

Kid Friendliness

Amerasia is very kid friendly, and they were really sweet to her.  They have a pretty good kids menu and would be willing to accommodate special requests if you had them.

Wait Staff/Service

Our waitress was very nice, and very fast with our food and drinks.  Everyone was very friendly.

Chicken Lo Mein

Overall Impressions

So, listen.  You know how I told you a few weeks ago that we don’t really live in Toledo, we actually live in Rossford?  Well, I often think of Rossford as the forgotten suburb of Toledo, and we don’t have a lot of options when it comes to restaurants which are actually in the city of Rossford.  So the fact that not only is there a good new restaurant in Rossford, but that it’s a Chinese place, which we’ve been looking for forever?  Well, it’s almost too good to be true.  So, I’m asking… no, begging…  you to come and check this place out and give them lots of money so they won’t go out of business and I won’t be left bereft and without access to good egg rolls.  Amerasia has great food with really good prices and a brand new building and great staff.  What’s not to like?  You’re going to come, right?  Pretty please?


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