San Marco Super Marketo Review

Aug 12

A few weeks ago on Facebook, my friend Justin said that he had found the best Mexican food place in all of Toledo in the back of a super market.  When someone throws down a challenge like that, you know I have to try it.  This past Sunday, we met up with Justin, Amanda, and their two kids, plus Amanda’s dad and step mom at San Marco Super Marketo.

The lovely decor

Atmosphere/Overall Appearance

Okay, talk about a place you would NEVER expect if you didn’t know it was there.  When Justin said it was in a super market, he was totally not kidding.  It took us a little while to find the place because it’s not really marked and even once you get there, if you didn’t know there was a restaurant, you wouldn’t expect to find one.  Justin’s instructions to me were “come in and walk down the aisle to your left, past the meat counter and you’ll see it.”  A more apt description would have been “walk past the meat counter and when you feel like you’ve entered another dimension, you’re there.”  Apparently, this place started as a little food stand in the back, but they were doing such good business that they expanded and remodeled and oh my gosh you guys, it’s fabulous.  There is a full bar off to one side and then several smaller tables in the front area as you walk in.  Then behind those are two rows of booths and a few larger tables.  The whole place is bright, and cheerful and colorful.  The booths have what look like either paintings or carvings on them, and are really pretty.  There is also a back room, which I think is a taco bar, that has a beautifully done mural on it.  The whole place just feels very relaxed and friendly and like they have all the time in the world to make you like your food.  It also kind of feels like a well kept secret and it’s nice to feel like you’re “in the club”.

The Food

Tacos with cilanto and onion

There isn’t much to the menu, but they know what they make well and they stick with it.  You can pick from Tacos, Soup, Quesadillas, Tostadas, Tamales, Burrtios, and Tortas and fill them with your choice of steak, beef tongue, pork, pork skin, beef intestine, chicken, or ground beef.  I got three carne asada (steak) tacos, Josh got a carne asada, a barbacoa (shredded beef), and a pork taco, Eden had a cheese quesadilla, Justin ordered a couple of carne asada tacos and was brave enough to try a beef tongue taco, Amanda had a chicken quesadilla, and their kids shared plain chicken taco meat.  They ask you if you want cilantro and onion with your tacos and your answer should be yes.  The chicken quesadilla was filled with avocado, cheese, sour cream, lettuce and tomato.  Everyone really enjoyed their food. Everything is obviously very fresh and made to order and the flavors are really bright.  The tacos come on corn tortillas, which I found just a smidge soggy, but that was literally my only, very minor, complaint.  The cilantro and onion adds another dimension of good flavor and if you didn’t get it, I think you would miss it.  I tried some of Josh’s barbacoa and it was really good.  I did not try Justin’s beef tongue, but he said he liked it and it was very tender.  We also got rice and beans and I’m not typically a fan of refried beans but these were fantastic.  I also think that next time I might try a quesadilla, because Amanda’s looked really good and full of delicious stuff.

Rice and beans I actually liked... a lot.

San Marco’s also has a fruit drink called aqua fresca, in papaya, pineapple and a few other flavors.  It’s basically a pineapple lemonade, but maybe a little sweeter.  It is very pineapple-y and good.  It’s a must try when you go, if only because it’s something really different and fun.

Kid Friendliness

Like I said above, it’s very casual and laid back, so kids are welcome.  There is also a lot to see, so it should keep your kids busy and interested.  They accommodated our special requests for the kids with no problems.

Wait Staff/Service

Our waiter’s name was Oliver and he is awesome.  He was so funny, and as we’re ordering our food and it’s taking a while because we had 6 adults, 3 kids and 3 bills, he pulled up a chair, plopped down and said “I think I’m just going to sit for this” – HA!  He was prompt and gave us a few little extras and just was all around wonderful.  He was pretty much the only one we had interaction with, but he left a great impression of the whole place.  He clearly likes his job and likes interacting with people.

On you way out, make sure to pick some of these up from the store.

Overall Impressions

We’ll be back and we’ll take people here.  It’s another example of the hidden gems in Toledo that get passed around by word of mouth and that you find by sheer dumb luck.  Please, go check this place out and give yourselves a taste of authentic Mexican food and an experience with good people and a great atmosphere.  And if anyone tries the beef intestine tacos, you better come back and tell me, okay?



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  1. Emily /

    I’m disappointed you didn’t order (or even try) the beef tongue. ;-)

  2. Don’t forget to get some fresh doughnuts on your way out! Justin found some type of pastry with pumpkin in it the last time he went and supposedly if he had ordered 20 none of them would have made it home to me.. doh!

  3. Hungrychic /

    Where is this place located?

  4. Hungrychic – it’s pretty much at the base of the high level bridge (the old one) on the southwest side. If you are heading west on the bridge you would turn left at the light and it’s on your left across from the gas station. Hope that helps!