Zingo’s Mediterranean Review

Aug 21

A couple of weeks ago, we met some friends in Perrysburg for dinner at Zingo’s and First Friday.  Have you ever been to First Friday?  If not, you need to go.  This time there were real fire trucks and hula hoops and a dunk tank, among lots and lots of other things.  We had a great time!

10 people and no dinner time injuries!

But that’s not what this post is about.  This post is about how we brought 10 people into Zingo’s, 5 of them being under 4 years old and lived to tell about it.  Remarkably, only one person fell off a chair and no one was seriously injured.  Success!

Atmosphere/Overall Appearance

Zingo’s is very much a small town café type of place.  It has neat artwork on the walls, and over all a really calm, laid back vibe.  There are 7 or so table plus a counter that looks out at the street.  The last time just Eden and I went there we sat at the counter and that was really fun.  I keep wanting to describe it as hippie-ish, which I hope you understand is a good thing.  It’s just feels very mellow and easy going.

The Food

Grape Leaves

Zingo’s has a salad that is called the Junk Salad and it’s on my Top Ten Favorite Things To Eat list (along with frosting and Carolina Barbeque Lay’s – YUM!).  It has chicken, gyro meat, kalamata olives, tomato, red onions, red peppers, chick peas, cucumbers, crushed up pita chips and feta with a creamy Greek dressing.  It’s amazing how much flavor they pack into this salad and you get a different taste with every bite.  I can’t over emphasize enough how this is the best salad ever.  So, I got that.

Josh had a gyro, which is pretty much your traditional gyro, but I think that they have the best gyro sauce of all the places we’ve tried.  It’s nice and thick and has a good balance of all the flavors.  They offer it either regular or Zingo style, which is a thin pita wrap which is grilled.  Josh and I have had them both ways and we both like them regular style better, but the Zingo style is something different to try.

Gryo, Zingo style.

Our friend Justin got the Feta Chicken, which the website describes as “grilled chicken, zucchini, squash, tomato, and red onions on a bed of cous-cous smothered in a feta cream sauce.”  It looked really great and I want to try that the next time I go, assuming I can talk myself out of the Junk Salad.

For kids food, you have the options of chicken chunks, grilled cheese or PB&J and then you can get it with fries, hummus, apples or carrots on the side.  All of the kids had various mix and matches of that.

Junk Salad. Best salad ever!

Zingo’s also has great vegetarian options and also at least a few things that are vegan.  I think this is kind of a rare thing in Toledo, so heads up, non meat eaters.

We’ve gone to Zingo’s lots of times and have never had anything but a good experience there.  The food is fresh, fast and delicious.  Apparently, they also deliver, which I did not know.  I need to check and see if they will deliver to my house, in which case I will never cook again.

Kid Friendliness

Very kid friendly.  Very friendly in general.  They’re open until 9, so there’s not a night life crowd to speak of and it’s generally a homey, family kind of place.

Wait Staff/Service

Kids grilled cheese pita with hummus. Eden couldn't wait, so don't mind the finger marks.

I seriously adore the people who work at Zingo’s.  They are all super nice, and friendly and exactly what you expect in a place like Zingo’s.  I’ve never met a person there who wasn’t wonderful.

Overall Impressions

Our family found Zingo’s long before this project started and it’s been a favorite for several years now.  Their food is amazing, but even above and beyond that, the feeling of the restaurant keeps you coming back.  We’ll keep going there for years to come and I hope you’ll check it out and love it as much as we do.


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