The Oasis Review

Sep 15

The Oasis

3303 Dorr St.
Toledo, OH 43607
Phone: (419) 662-8566


Several months ago, I bought a Groupon for a place called The Oasis without really knowing much about it.  I asked around and found out it was close to UT and that it was a college hang out.  Just the thought of all those UT students was enough to make me shudder (oh, I kid… sort of… ), but I managed to get over it long enough to check out what they were eating.  And also, I thought maybe I could talk some sense into some of them and get them to transfer to BG.

Atmosphere/Overall Appearance

I bet nobody's ever had their picture taken on these before...

Completely different than I expected.   The building itself is pretty non descript, but there are some awesome stone lions out front.  I imagine many an inebriated college student has had their picture taken with them, and clearly I had to get Eden’s picture with them too.  She was only too happy to oblige.  Inside, there is a really pretty fountain.  The ordering is cafeteria style, so there is a counter across the back.  They have lunch/dinner food, ice cream and coffee.  There is a variety of high top and low top tables.  Apparently, there is also some sort of club or lounge upstairs, but we didn’t go up there.  They allow for quite a bit of free space since college students tend to clump together and close together tables won’t allow for that.  Smart thinking, really.

The Food

The Oasis has a huge variety of food, including pizza, sandwiches, Mediterranean, Tex-Mex, Italian, pretty much you name it, they’ve got it.

Josh got a steak and cheese calzone, which was gigantic!  It was packed full of steak, cheese, mushrooms, peppers, and cheese.  He took about ½ of it home.  It was very good and had a lot of flavors running through it.

I got the Greek burger, and it had lettuce, onion, tomato, and lots and lots, and lots of feta.  It also had gyro sauce on the side.  The burger was, in my opinion, pretty good.  It has a lot of feta, so if you don’t really, really like feta, you’re probably not going to like this.  Josh was not a fan because of the overwhelming feta.

Feta... I mean.... Greek Burger

Eden had mac and cheese.  She liked it.  There’s a shocker, I know.

Kid Friendliness

We went during normal dinner hours, and it was super kid friendly.  There is a kids menu and they were super nice to Eden.  Considering that it is a college hang out and there is a club inside, I doubt you’d want to take your kids there late at night.

Wait Staff/Service

Since it’s cafeteria style, we didn’t have a waiter, per se, but the counter people were really nice.  I asked several questions and they were really nice about it.

Overall Impressions

Steak and cheese calzone

Other then the fact that it is filled with UT students, I liked Oasis.  The food was good and the staff are friendly.  We talked to a friend of ours who used to go to UT and he said that he would go there a lot after classes because they had such a huge variety and it was well priced and fast.  If we were in the area, we would totally stop by again, but I try to avoid UT at all costs.  But you don’t have the same aversions I do, you should go check it out.

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