The Project

Thanks for checking out Toledo Food Tour! Toledo, Ohio has a rich and diverse array of restaurants ranging the spectrum from American to Mediterranean, Chinese to Hungarian, and everything in between. Those cuisines come in a large variety of places too – hole in the wall places, cafés, fancy restaurants, and diners.

The truth though, is that many people in Toledo don’t know much about the local food that surrounds them. Just like any other community, we have a lot of chain restaurants, and people tend to stick withwhat they know. For the past few years, I’ve been saying “I want to start eating at more local places…”and then never doing it. Clearly, I needed a challenge!

Since we were very first dating, Josh and I have gone out to eat pretty much every Friday night – it’s oneof the highlights of my week. So, why not use them as blog fodder, right? I’ve committed my family to eating at a new, local, non-chain restaurant once a week for a year. I’m NOT an official food critic, and most of my pictures are taken with my point and shoot or my camera phone.  Every week, I’ll give you a review of the service, atmosphere, kid friendliness, menu choices and, of course, the food of the restaurant we went to the Friday before.

If you have any suggestions for places that I should definitely check out, or if you are a restaurant owner and are interested in having your restaurant reviewed on this blog, please e-mail me at . I am always thrilled to have new places to try out!

Thanks for going on this adventure with us – we’re excited to learn more about the amazing food in our community and sharing that information with our neighbors!